Being wise does not mean I am perfect!

So, I realized - after an eye opening encounter with a woman from my local mom's group - that I am being identified as a local health guru. Pure to the bone, after all I am Wise Woman Fitness, right? The conversation went something like this: "You are Renee, right, from Wise Woman Fitness and Nutrition?" I gleamed with pride, but before I could say yes, that is me, she added "I am surprised to see you eating cake, and allowing your daughter to have it as well..."


I was really caught off guard, and then it occurred to me - this may be one of the reasons people have a hard time committing to a healthy lifestyle or identifying with it. If you are conscious of what you eat and try to connect in a postive way with your body, does that mean you can't eat chocolate or drink wine?... Many will RUN as fast as they can, hopefully their pelvic floor is ready for this!  


Honestly, I am not about perfection, and as a trainer, I do not want my ladies to think they have to be perfect. Most of my clients are mothers, in a foreign country, away from family support, and the last thing they need is another pressure put on them. I identify with Wise Woman Fitness and Nutrition because I am wise enough to know that if you want to see change, you have to change your attitude and belief system.


I learned from my past, from many poor choices, over working and self-hating, which resulted in poor diet, improper excercise and lack of body connection. It was not the perfection of my birth that lead me to this path of supporting women back into their bodies, one pelvic floor at a time. Rather, the imperfection and overwhelming imperfection lead me here.


When I run my Everywoman® 6 weeks series, I get to meet, connect and learn from each woman. All of our imperfections shouldn't leave us striving to move for nonexistent perfection, we'll move in the direction of feeling good and strong to the core!