My break was more than my bones, it broke me!

Today, 10 years ago my love for running, stopped suddenly when I broke my tibia and fibula. What followed for me was such a heartache and so many challenges to overcome. I had to be in a wheel chair, after my ankle was screwed together with a plate and 8 screws, and my knee was hammered through, to access the bone across my shin, with a titanium rode, which still remains. I didn't walk again with ease for many years and several more surgeries, which I had to have as a result of my bodies rejection of the metal.


The weeks before this huge incident, I recall running to points of exhaustion, perhaps running from emotional pain, life and just avoiding deep rooted dissapointments of my younger days. I remember saying out loud, 'can I just get a break'. I had been waking up running 8-10 miles before work everyday, training for a marathon that never came and searching for something I could control. My break, was more than my bones, it broke me. I finally understood the value of relying on help and receiving it. I felt vulnerable and helpless. I could no longer run away from it all and I was suddenly faced with a long path of healing. It was not my leg that I ultimately needed to regain strength in, rather my belief, my trust and my love for myself. Lookng back 10 years later, so much good came out of that horrible accident. I started doing yoga, learned how to sit more. I saw a art healing therapist for next 6 years and I gave to others in need of healing, and ultimately became the wounded healer.


As I look at my future now, I am much healthier both inside and out that ever. I know when to go hard and when to slow down and just be at peace. I am more mindful of my body and its limits. I do not do anything anymore because I want to look good or be better than anyone, I only want to feel really good and do my best at having fun in my body. I no longer run away, but towards. I am a better trainner becuase of it. I am much more compassionate of others disabilities and limitations as a result, and I know how important self-care is to really feeling your best. I am telling you this, so you can understand me more as well as your own challenges and horrible experiences. When it is happening, it feels aweful, but afterwards it feels like a gift of wisdom that propels you forward and upward. I am back, but much more graceful and I I love to go hard, but with a much needed divine female touch. I am a strong woman, but I am also a gentle woman. I have seen too many women training from their egos, with no regards to anything other than how they look, often creating more physical pain and muscle injury. If we start from a place of education and from our center, we can achieve good feelings, strong bodies and balance that will last a life time.


I am whole, and so are my clients. Each person I train, support and touch, is a whole person too, and that is how I treat them. When you book with me, I book with all of you. If your interested in Holistic Core Restore, Sports Massage or Fitness Fusion classes please feel free to send me and email at or for upcoming classes and training information viist my website