Why do I do what I do.....The Power of Pelvic Floor Awareness

There is a reason why I do what I d0–
It drives me mad, that the post-natal rehabilitation of women, their bladders, pelvic floor and other abdominal organs & functions are not more prevalent in the modern world. After birth, women receive less after care than someone with a knee injury.
We cannot let another generation of childbearing women believe that organs prolapsing, pissing in your pants and pelvic pain/hypertonicity is normal and is must be lived with as a result of womanhood, when so many of the symptoms are controllable, improvable and even surmountable given the right treatment, exercises and advice. I have the honour of working with every type of women, but mostly post-natal women, who have come to me as a last resort.
Some of women who seek me out, feel a bit helpless, as they have taken the appropriate route seeking help with these symptoms, but have not seen any changes, and they continue to feel like this is the new norm. Often, when I begin my assessment with their breathing, checking in with their diaghram, they are amazed, as they report this not being looked at by their doctor or physiotherapists. There is a huge correlation between breathing patterns and the return to a functioning and strong pelvic floor. If women are not educated about their bodies before and after childbirth, these ideas are foreign at first. As women learn to implement the 360 degree diaghramic breath work, many changes already begin.
It brings me pleasure when my clients feel more connected to their pelvic floor and understand the power of this part of the body. When these women learn that through instructions, education and proper movement therapies, there symptoms can be improved or 100% alleviated, they are so grateful and leave my office feeling empowered and in control of their pain, embarrassments and strength.

If you are looking to regain your strength of your pelvic floor/core for any reason, be it post-natal, heavy lifting or sporting that has created a less than functioning pelvic floor, menepause, diastasis or hysterectomy,


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At Wise Woman Wellness, my passion is to help women move with power, grace and pain free. I offer each women my time, energy and support, but she has to do the rest. If these programs are done as prescribed, 3-4 times a week, the results will come and will support your journey through life as a women. Sometimes, women after birth need a mom unlock massage, this helps to get the body aligned, the use of full range of joints and brings calmness to an overactive nervous system. Feel free to visit me to discuss how this type of massage can help with your new mama shoulders, rounding forward, your tight hips and painful lower back. Before you get moving, make sure your body is ready to function at its best. I can help you with that.


To schedule go to https://ekowellness.nl/afspraak-maken/ 

or send me a message at wisewomanfn@gmail.com

Let me support you while you are looking out for your babies, pursuing your dreams and supporting you in your wellness goals. 

Be well, Be wonderful and Be WISE!