Are you taking care or your spine or your muscles?

I have been a witness to how excercise has failed many people I serve. Why is that you may be wondering? Listen, I am not going to say that excercise is bad or does not have great aspects, but I do know that it seems to be causing more damage than it helps. Many clients I work with, are busy with the overload theory, pushing their bodies to increase stress so that it will change. I did it for 20 years before I discovered what, to me, is true fitness. How can you run, jump, squat, lunge, plank or even do yoga, if you have not leanred how to even walk? How can we do all of these things and not take into account our spine, or joints? 

 Take a look at the posture of gymnists. You can see that their strong posture does not come from muscles, but from the proper use of joints and skeleton. Gymnists refer to the parts of the body necessary to perform, from the prospective of joint movement.  For example, using words like, shoulder, instead of bicepts or tricept. This is completely different to the sports industry, where muscle over spine fitness is more often, if not completely, the main focus. 



Remember when your parents asked you to take your elbows off the table? Remember when you were aked to sit up and stop slouching? Well it turns out, this was not to nag at you or to control you, it was to care for your most vital areas, the spine. So what has happened with this care of the spine? What happend to spine care over the decades in terms of human life and modern civilization? I will tell you, we are human-sitters now. If you look at children, pre-school, you will see how we come into the world knowing how to care for our spines. As children, when we drop something, we squat down, our pre-chair resting position. Once chidlren inter school, we agree to have our children sitting for up to 7 hours a day! We no longer access our bodies wisdom of the resting squat position.


If you look at the modern spine of Western cultures, compared to cultures that sitting is less necessary or even valued, you will see a difference in the spine shape. According to the research of Professor Wolf, 2012, these cultures where sitting is less prevelent, the shape of the spine is as it starts out, a J shape, whereas, the modern western spine looks more like an S shape. This change is mainly due to sitting and the fitness industry focusing on muscle movement, over spine and joints. As a mobiity and soift tissue practioner, I am really concerned, as the amount of backpain reported has increased yearly by 29%. The The second greatest disability worldwide, according to Professor Wolf's research, is skeletal conditions (1.7 billion).


How has the fitness industry contributed to this? The general population goes to the gym or seeks a trainer to help with time-weight-distance training, but what is missing, is the foundations of movement for each of these excercises, often resulting in more back pain and joint pain. Without full  functioning joints and spine, no matter how developed your muscles are, you will ultimately wear yourself down, feel physical pain and work endlessly trying to achieve your fullest potential. 


As a certified personal fitness trainer, I have moved away from the fitness industries approach to fitness, and have spent years researching, training and certifications to become a more useful coach. My goal of my work is to get you back to full range of motion, so you can return to functioning like a human. I no longer prescribe excercise, I prescribe movement patterns, that mimic a 3 year-old child, focus on your personal spine and joint restrictions and then we move from there. If you want to play in this body for a lifetime, wouldn't  you like to build a foundation that will ultimately bring the most potential for human movements about? My goal as a mobility and soft tissue therapist, is to help you return to your most mobile, pain free version of you, that is possible. As a result of this type of training and hands-on work, you will find yourself slimmer, toned muscles and at free of unncessary pains. 


If you or someone you know is really struggling to create the body experience that is desire, free of pain, mobilty restrictions and/or wants to become a better athlete, please send me an email to set up a consultation. Remember,  YOU ARE AS OLD AS YOUR SPINE!


Take care and get out of that chair!