25. March 2020
So we are now entering the second week of isolation, as my partner has had a cold for most of the two weeks. What i know, is that i love to cook as a coping mechanism, so how can i do this and not just blow up? Well it helps that i try to eat low carb and sugar, but it still finds its way into my daily life. I try to find recipes that support my immune system and have adopted an Autoimmmune lifestyle 6 weeks ago. I know lemons are high in vitamin C and we need more these days!
Pelvic Health · 09. March 2020
There is a reason why I do what I d – and that is because of the statistics below. It enrages me that the post-natal rehabilitation of women, their bladders, pelvic floor and other abdominal organs & functions are not more prevalent in the modern world. We cannot let another generation of childbearing women suffer these terrible consequences when so many of the symptoms are controllable, improvable and even surmountable given the right treatment, exercises and advice.
28. May 2019
Remember when your parents asked you to take your elbows off the table? Remember when you were aked to sit up and stop slouching? Well it turns out, this was not to nag at you or to control you, it was to care for your most vital areas, the spine. So what has happened with this care of the spine? What happend to spine care over the decades in terms of human life and modern civilization? I will tell you, we are human-sitters now.
04. December 2018
Have you ever had to stop doing what you love to find out so much more about yourself? Was your break more than a bone?
Words of Wisdom · 23. August 2018
So, I realized - after an eye opening encounter with a woman from my local mom's group - that I am being identified as a local health guru. Pure to the bone, after all I am Wise Woman Fitness, right? The conversation went something like this: "You are Renee, right, from Wise Woman Fitness and Nutrition?" I gleamed with pride, but before I could say yes, that is me, she added "I am surprised to see you eating cake, and allowing your daughter to have it as well..." I was really caught off guard,...
11. July 2018
Women are bringing life into this world, we need to help bring life back into them. She is often forgotten after the children come, that she too, is still growing and needs to be looked after. As a Holistic Core Restore coach, It is a privilage and honor to work with women from all ages and stages of life, who are experiencing a disconnect and lack of joy in their bodies.