Every Woman 12 week Foundation

This class is Full. The next 12 week class begins in October 2019

 This class is a blend of modern pelvic floor & core exercise designed specifically to connect, strengthen  & be functional, to ensure you are fit for every age, stage & day of your life.

Holistic Core Restore® Release offers ways to release muscular tension, drawing on combinations of self-massage, myofascial movement, yoga and pilates traditions. Down-training the pelvic floor and nervous system is just as important in our wellness and fitness strategy as the ‘hard work’ and to really delve into our self care, each class will include a 10-15 minute guided meditation.

Postural changes, aches and pains are often a standard part of the life of any woman, especially after having a baby, however these classes offer simple, time effective self-care solutions.