Deep Letting Go

Are you having lower back pain or a tightness in your hips? These are all symptoms of an over active pelvic floor. This class is designed to unlock these tight areas, strengthen the supporting muscles and to create freedom through alignment, pelvic floor connection and strength building movements. We identify the hotspots where you are holding on and we use breath work to breath throughthe tightness and allow freedom to flow through your body, preparing it for the movements fo daily life!



Overall the Hotspots indicate where the Ante/PN woman will generally have pain/discomfort issues, so the aim of this programme is to create EASE within the body, allow pain-free movement and bring back the joy of moving and mobilization of the body as nature intended.


This class is offered every Thursday at 17:15-18:30
Free up your body by going deeper into your center of balance, stablility & core strength, your Pelvic Floor.

8 classes 75,00
Registration and payment are required before class please and thank you.

Renee Casselman
Wise Woman Fitness
Holistic Core Restore Coach
Women's Personal Fitness Coach
Women's Health & Wellness Advocate

Monday's @ Eiland

 Zuiderpark 20, 9724 AH Groningen



registration is necessary as space is limited