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Please Join me in this extra special woman's evening of wine & pelvic floor wisdom. 09/01/2019 7:45-9:45 Zuiderpark 20



Five clues that you would benefit from a talk with me.

You have:


  • lower back pain
  • postnatal  concerns or Diastasis Recti
  • leaks when you sneeze, cough, laugh or jump
  • pain during sexual intercourse
  • peri-menopausal age obstacles


Workshop Dates & Details

A 90 min. workshop at Wise Woman Fitness & Nutrition is a gift every woman should receive at least once in their lives. Educate yourself of your pelvic floor, improve your mind & body connection, step forward and get support to heal and move in a safe and effective matter. Pelvic health issues and concerns affect every woman, every age and at every stage, but now there is a reason to be hopeful. Be a modern wise woman!


The workshop is limited to 8 women, in a safe and cozy place to share and learn from each other. Please dress comfortable, as we will spend 15 minutes on the floor.


We're going to go through everything that you should know    about your pelvic floor but don't. The pelvic floor is such an important part of a woman's body which we just don't know about and so when things start to not work properly it's tempting to ignore it.


Over 90 minutes I am  going to take you through everything you need to know about it and give you plenty of time to ask questions and also do some practical.


You can then post any questions you may have before the event, you can watch it live or look at it later and we'll be around for the rest of the week to pick up on any further questions you've got.

 it is my passion to empower women to live to their fullest potential, whether it be mind, body or through spirit.  

So come and join us for a fun, relaxed evening learning more about your pelvic floor.

All welcome - great event to bring Moms, sisters, cousins and friends too.


Small snack and beverages are being provided. 


Send your contribution and a notation on which date you will be attending.  


Registration is finalized by


sending your 12,50 contributtion to  


Wise Woman Fitness



NL30 RABO 0180 5489 13


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