Meet Renee

My Story 

“Freedom is what we do with what is done to us.” 

― Jean-Paul Sartre


 Hello and welcome. If you are visiting my site, you are probabaly looking for guidance and relief from pain, restricted body movemnent and lack of body control.


I am a dedicated women's health and fitness advocate, traininer and coach. I am a certified personal trainer, with a focus on women's pelvic floor and core health, through all ages, however, my true passion is supporting women grow, develop and find inner and outer strength. 


A woman's body is a vessel for all of creation, it stretches and goes beyond the limits while creating a new life, however, afterwards, it is left without proper attention and care. I hear all to often, "pain in my back is normal after a baby, or accidents are normal now, etc".


 After the birth of my daughter, I was so shocked at my inability to just bounce back. I could not walk without pain in my pelvic floor, my back was constantly hurting and I was having this nagging urge to urinate when I had just went, which often left me having accidents. 


My daughter was a large baby, carried for 42 weeks, born at home, natural, however, had I been at the hospital, I would have had a mandatory c-section. 


I had complications that were unforeseen, such as scar tissue in my cervix. I tore both internally and externally, which led to more scar tissue."



The weeks after my daughter was born, I noticed I was using my shoulders and my back to lift my new baby. Because of the scar tissue and general soreness, my abdominals were unfamiliar and I was in pain.

I had decided enough was enough, and I sought out the best of the best, Tami Kent, who has written many a books on pelvic floor health, and is known as the "vagina whisperer", who offered me massage to release some of the tension built up in my pelvic floor.  It was not fun. She had to massage my cervix and break up the scar tissue, however, I could walk again without pain, but that did not seem to help my back and high levels of cortisol, which was making me gain weight and become over taxed. 


At this point,  I had become slightly obsessed with healing my wounded body. I started to listen to my body, researching which muscles were tight and where I needed to stretch. I knew that although I was anxious to start walking and get back to exercise, I needed to open up, lengthen and release before I started to build strength.


As an athlete, over the years, often abusing my body with long and hard running, heavy weight lifting and vigorous ego driven excercise routines, I decided to connect more with my body from a divine feminine perspective. I learned to love my body and to trust, listen to and follow my innate wisdom, and you know what happened, a beautiful body emerged, with less work and more fun.

I still love training and coach high intensity fitness, but I  won't teach it or participate if I am not training my whole self and not just my ego. 


I Iove fitness even more now, as my true fitness nature has been revealed through proper excercise foundation, alignment, balance work, and above all, moving with core and pelvic floor synergy. I am far more fit than I was in my 20's , and I feel and look amazing.


I look forward to helping other women design their ultimate fitness plan and bodies. It is truly amazing when we tune into this wisdom that the body has to offer. 


Thank you for reading my story and I am happy to share more of this journey if you feel called to hearing more. 

Be Well Wise Woman. Be free, fit and fabulous.