Wise Woman Massage & Mobility Therapy

At Wise Woman Wellness,  I offer customised massage treatments for individuals seeking pain relief, improved mobility, injury prevention and faster rehabilitation following birthing, injury or surgery/C-section. Or for those simply looking to de-stress, relax and take some ‘time out’ from their hectic lifestyle.

With the growth in massage and nutrition as an integral part of any athletic conditioning programme, I also bring with me my  professional sports training and holistic core restore® knowledge and experience to enhance performance and speed up recovery.

Dedicated to excellence in massage therapy, you will experience quality of touch and specialised massage techniques. My uniqe treatments are designed for you, to help bring about a renewed sense of health and wellbeing.

My philosophy is to focus on the cause and not just the symptoms of your complaint. This involves considering you as an individual and any relevant lifestyle factors. Grounded in holistic approaches to health, our massage treatments get results.

Looking for massage treatment in the Groningen/Helpman area, then click here for details on how we can help to reduce your tension, pain and stress levels or improve your mobility and recovery post-injury.